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Analog and Digital Design Mixed signal designs, Serial buses, Power conversion, Low power wireless radio, Internet of things, High speed serial comms, Jitter and timing analyses, Signal integrity
Semiconductor IV/CV Measurements, Pulsed IV Measurements (PMU), Parameter Analyser, Reliability Test Solutions, Parametric Curve Traces (PCT), Parametric Test Systems, Switching Resistivity Measurements, Wafer Probing System
Materials Science Electrochemistry Characterization, Measurement of Nanoscale Materials, Hall Effect Test of Graphene Device Structures, Pulsed I-V Testing of Compound Semi Devices/Materials, Focused Ion Beam Current Monitoring, Characterization of Nanocrystals, C-V Characterization of Solar Cells, Semiconductor Parameter Analysis, Ultra-Low Current Measurements, High Speed Camera's,
Wireless and RF Bluetooth, WiFi, Tetra (PMR/LMR), LTE, Spectrum Management/Interference Hunting, RADAR and Electronic Warfare, GNSS Simulation, RF Safety Testing
Optical Comms 100G Optical and Electrical Tx/Rx, Coherent Optical design - 400G
Power Quality and EMI/EMC/ESD Conducted Emission, Radiated Emission, Power Quality, Partial Discharge Testing
Power & Energy Generation, Loads, Monitoring, Battery Testing, Transformer Testing, Rotary Machine Testing, Circuit Breaker Testing, Bushing Testing
Gas Analysis Moisture-in-oil, Dissolved Gas Analysis
Safety Isolation Testing, Ground Bound Testing, Leakage Current Testing, Safety System Testing
Technical Furniture Furniture, Technical Training Systems


RF Comms Private Mobile Radio, Tetra, Ingress & Egress, GPS/Satellite, DVB-T/DVB-C/DVB-S, Wifi/WLAN, Mobile Telephonie / Voice Quality
Fiber Optics FTTX Access networks, Metro/Core networks, Fiber Splicing
Wired Ethernet Testing, Datacom, PDH/SDH Testing, xDSL Testing
IP Security Test Advanced Persistent Threats, Phishing, Mobile Malware, Data Exfiltration, DDOS Mitigation Test, Cyber Range, Security Resilience, Network Security Device Test, Security & Compliance
Network & Appplication Performance VoIP Monitoring & Analysis, Application Performance Management, Network Performance Management, Voice Quality Tests (PesQ, Polqa), Access Technology, Simulation and Load Testing, Ethernet Testing, xDSL Testing
Avionics test equipment Xpdr/TCAS, Nav/Comm, RF ATE, Fuel Festers, GPS Simulators
Synchronisation equipment Lab and field test equipment frequency and phase testing, NTP servers, PTP/IEEE 1588, Reference and Time Sources, Monitoring, SSU

Video / Broadcast

Video Test & Monitoring Solutions Waveform Monitors, Sync and Reference Generators, MPEG test solutions (ASI, RF & IP), Video Quality and Service Assurance monitoring (QoS & QoE) (RF,IP, OTT), File-Based QC solutions, Picture Quality Analyzers, Colorimeters, Test signal generators (Analog, SDI, HDMI, Display Port, V-by-One, LVDS, 4K), Protocol Analyzers (HDMI, Display Port, MHL, GVIF), Encoders / Modulators / Multiplexers
Audio Solutions Audio-over-IP, TV Loudness Control, Metering & Monitoring, Upmixing, Metadata & Tools, Audio delay units, Audio (de-)embedders, Audio Distribution Amplifiers, Sound Level Meters
Video Conversion Solutions Interface Converters, Format Converters, Down Converters, Up Converters, Cross converters, D-to-A converters, A-to-D converters, Fiber Converters and Transport, Video HDMI mixer/organiser
Video Head-End Solutions Video Distribution Amplifiers, AFD Insertion, Ancillary Data (de-) Embedders, Color Correction, Frame Synchronizers, MPEG Encoding and IP Gateway, Multiviewers / Quint Split, SDI ASI Redundancy Switch, Timecode Inserters
High Speed Camera's High Speed Video camera's for research and development, industrial applications and broadcast
CATV / DVB-C / DVB-C2 / DVB-T / DVB-T2 / DVB-S / DVB-S2 Test Equipment TV, Cable and Satellite Field Strength Meters, CATV Meters, CATV Monitoring, Spectrum Analyzers, Multicarrier Generators, TDR’s, DOCSIS Sniffers

Data Acquisition

Data loggers Telemetry - Environmental, Industrial, Research & Development, Transients Recording, Vibration Analysis, Geotechnical, Wireless Connectivity
Precision Data Acquisition General Purpose, Precision Temperature Monitoring, Wide Signal Range, Multiple Platforms PXIe, LXI, USB, Large Channel Systems
Mechanical Test Solutions NVH Dynamic Test Solutions, Static Temperature, Voltage, Structural, Strain, Stress / Fatique / Reliability, Platform Indepent, IEEE-1588 Support, Vibration Analysis, Shock, Acoustics, Rugged Solutions; IP66 Rated, Torque Measurement Solutions
Rugged Test Solutions Rugged Solutions; IP66 Rated, Temperature, Strain, Charge / Vibration

Automatic Test Equipment

MDA (manufact. defects analysers)
In-Circuit testing
Functional testing
Optical inspection
Mass Interconnect
Switching Solutions


Biomedical General
Biomedical Radiation
Biomedical Services


Barcode Scanners
Mobile Computing
Industrial Tablets
Accessories and Software


Measuring Services
Training Services

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