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"Theme Day" Measurement and Monitoring in Energy Distribution Networks
Power Quality / Micro Synchrophasor Seminar - November 1st - VSL Delft

VSL and C.N. rood are jointly organising a Measurement and Monitoring in Energy Distribution Networks seminar.

The transformation of traditional energy networks into future smart grids requires improved monitoring capabilities and applications. Furthermore, stringent regulations relating to the security of energy supply, the introduction of renewables and decentralised energy supply demand accurate monitoring for time-critical control to ensure the stability and quality of the energy supply.

The programme covers very topical subjects like monitoring the stability of distribution networks by means of Micro Synchrophasor, enhanced monitoring of Power Quality indicators and future applications supporting processing, storage and analysis of related measured data.

In short, this is an interesting programme which will end with a guided tour through the VSL laboratory and a network drink.

This seminar will also be held in Belgium on October 28 - Please click here for detailed information and registration.

09.30 - 10.00

Welcome with Coffee or Tea

VSL - Dutch Metrology Institute
Thijsseweg 11
2629 JA Delft

November 1st

10.00 - 10.05


Prof. dr. ir. J.F.G. Cobben (Technical University of Eindhoven)

Professor Sjef Cobben (Technical University of Eindhoven)

  • General challenges of Smart Grid and alternative energy
  • New laboratory facilities TU Eindhoven
  • Alex McEachern (Power Standards Lab)

    Alex McEachern (Power Standards Lab)

    Power Quality Analysis: Technical Workshop for PQ Specialist Engineers

    Various approaches to Power Quality worldwide
    • Brief summary of PQ measurements on European power grid, and concerns about PQ from key European industries
    Changing Standards - what is coming in the next 2 years
    • New Industrial power quality standards
    • New IEC power quality measurement standards, and application to regulations
    Practical, hands-on approach to power quality
    • Simple solutions with zero investment, and no instrumentation
    • Understanding and solving the economic tradeoffs in power quality
    • Understanding and solving the political/emotional tradeoffs in power quality
    Arjen Jongepier (Delta Netwerkbedrijf)

    Dr Arjen Jongepier (Delta Netwerkbedrijf)

    PQ in distribution grids
    • Measurement results, issues and challenges from RES implementation
    • Desire for new technologies and applications for smarter grid operations

    12.00 - 12.45

    Network Lunch

    Bas Kruimer (Quanta Technology)

    Bas Kruimer (Quanta Technology)

    Situational Awareness in Power Grid - Why and Who?
    • Experience and expectations of Synchrophasor measurement applications
    Gert Rietveld (Senior scientist at VSL)

    Gert Rietveld (Senior scientist at VSL)

    Grid Synchrophasor Measurements: traceability and applications
    Alex McEachern (Power Standards Lab)

    Alex McEachern (Power Standards Lab)

    Latest power quality technologies and global research projects
    • Cloud-based and Standards-based PQ Instrumentation
    • Micro-synchrophasors on distribution networks
    • Smart Grids and Power Quality
    • "Big Data" initiatives
    • Opportunities for European participation in worldwide research projects
    New Product Introduction: PQube 3 (Measurement tool for Power Quality and Micro-synchrophasors)

    14.45 - 15.00

    Questions & Discussion

    15.00 - 16.00

    Network drink

    This seminar is free of any charges but registration is required. Please follow this link to register.

    If you would like to receive more information, please don't hesitate to contact me.

    Arthur Hartsuiker (

    When | November 1st         Where | VSL Dutch Metrology Institute - Thijsseweg 11 - 2629 JA Delft

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