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Power Quality & Micro-Synchrophasors in the grid
Smart Grid - Micro Synchrophasors & Power Quality, past, present and future
October 28 - Zellik

The worldwide electric network is changing rapidly. To cope and control all these changes in distribution and transmission there is a great need for a new approach and development of new applications in the field of measurement. In this seminar we bring all issues together with the best experts in the field.
This seminar will give you a great view of the actual situation, development and new applications today and in the future.

(This seminar will also be held in The Netherlands on November 1st - Please click here for detailed information and registration.)

09.30 - 10.00

Welcome with Coffee or Tea

C.N.Rood NV/SA
Z.1 Researchpark 40
1731 Zellik (Belgium)

October 28

10.00 - 10.05


Alex McEachern (Power Standards Lab)

Alex McEachern (Power Standards Lab)

Power Quality Analysis

Various approaches to Power Quality worldwide
  • Brief summary of PQ measurements on European power grid, and concerns about PQ from key European industries
Changing Standards - what is coming in the next 2 years
  • New Industrial power quality standards
  • New IEC power quality measurement standards, and application to regulations
Prof. dr. ir. Ing. Jan Desmet

dr. Ing. Jos Knockaert

Prof. dr. ir. Ing. Jan Desmet & dr. Ing. Jos Knockaert, MSc. - Ghent University Campus
Kortrijk - Lemcko

Conducted EMC in Smart Grids
  • Measurement techniques, challenges and bottlenecks on both conducted LF EMC in the Range 0-2KHz (defined as: "Low Frequency Power Quality") and Conducted HF EMC in the Range 2-150KHz (defined as: "High Frequency Power Quality")
  • The Lemcko research group will be briefly presented by some case studies in the discussed domain of troubleshooting.

Brecht Zwaenepoel - UGent / Phd Student

Electrical energy research @ Ghent University
  • Theoretical and test-bench related research carried out at EELAB.
  • Operation of microgrids and advanced inverter control strategies.
  • The Small wind turbine test field at Greenbridge and the Greenbridge microgrid.
  • Examples of measurements and services offered to the industry.

12.30 - 13.15

Network Lunch

Alex McEachern (Power Standards Lab)

Alex McEachern (Power Standards Lab)

Newest power quality technologies and worldwide research projects
  • Cloud-based and Standards-based PQ Instrumentation
  • Micro-synchrophasors on distribution networks
  • Smart Grids and Power Quality
  • "Big Data" initiatives
  • Opportunities for European participation in worldwide research projects
Bas Kruimer (Quanta Technology)

Bas Kruimer (Quanta Technology)

Situational Awareness - Why and Who?
  • Experience and expectations of synchrophasors measurements applications
Alex McEachern (Power Standards Lab)

Alex McEachern (Power Standards Lab)

New Product Introduction: PQube 3 (Measurement tool for Power Quality and Micro-synchrophasors)

15.00 - 15.15

Questions & Discussion

15.15 - 16.00

Network drink

This seminar is free of any charges but registrator is required. Please follow this link to register.

If you would like to receive more information, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Patrick Desmedt (

When | October 28         Where | C.N.Rood NV/SA - Z.1 Researchpark 40 - 1731 Zellik

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