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Pico offers unique PC driven products like (sampling) oscillocopes, data loggers and pulse generators. With smart and unique PC applications analogue, digital and RF signals can easily be analyzed. Also data recording is one of the many options available. Pico products are compact, offer USB connectivity and are very usefull in lab or on-site applications. This seminar focusses on the smart software analyses tools and offers a hands-on training.


09.30 Welcome

10.00 Introduction of C.N.Rood and Pico

10.10 The right Picoscope for you, an informal walk through the product features. Selecting the
             right product series for you and what each product series does best.

12.30 Lunch

13.30 Picoscope:

                   ● PicoScope-the “people’s software”-make it work for you
                   ● Serial decoding the simple way, all PicoScopes can perform up to 16 serial protocols
                   out of the box.
                   ● Find that difficult glitch
                   ● Catch and generate that waveform using the AWG
                   ● Remote control and display many scopes using the free SDK
                   ● Applications in the field, including a 24/7 mission critical application in the Netherlands
                   ● Don’t be shy- a hands on session using the PicoScope application if you are using it
                   for the first time.

16:00 Finish training, drinks and prize draw to win a PicoScope 2207B, 100Mhz
             two channel scope

Don't forget to register, seats are limited !

Need more information on our Pico products or want to receive more information on the Pico training? Just contact us.

Sven De Coster (Belgium and Luxembourg

Sven De Coster

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Arthur Hartsuiker (The Netherlands)

Arthur Hartsuiker

E-Mail: ahartsuiker@cnrood.com
Phone: +31622126112
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