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Power Solutions

C.N.Rood offers more than 500 models of DC & AC power supplies. If you are looking for a specific model that is not listed or have a question, please contact us or visit one of our many suppliers like Delta Elektronika, Glassman, Kikusui, Tektronix, Keithley, Regatron or Chroma-ATE directly.

Delta Elektronika

Delta Elektronika

Delta Elektronika designs and manufactures DC power units since 1959.

Unfortunately a power supply is seen as a minor part of any equipment and often taken for granted.

For many just an electronic box ordered at the last moment. It can be compared with our heart. It’s often neglected and we tend to pay even more attention to our hair. But if the heart fails the system goes down.


Regatron Power

AC /DC programmable digital high power, battery emulators, grid simulators, three-phase AC/DC power supplies for bidirectional testing and simulation of batteries, amplifiers, precision linear simulators for photovoltaic inverters, AC sources: a production of excellence spread all over the world.


Chroma Power

Chroma supplies top-quality power measurement instruments and systems to suit a variety of applications. From military and aerospace to automotive, renewable energy and medical device testing, Chroma products are trusted by many of the world’s leading R&D labs to provide consistent, fast and accurate measurements.
The Chroma Programmable AC source model 61600 and 61700 series delivers pure, 5 wire, 3-phase AC power.


Kikusui Power

Environmental and new energy technologies supporting the "Smart City" concept Kikusui will continue to accept new challenges. The business of Kikusui mirrors the growth of technologies in the environmental and new energy (= electronics) fields. Electronic measurement instruments and power supply equipment are essential components for electronics technologies. Kikusui is active wherever there is R&D or production of electrical or electronic devices and equipment.

Keithley / Tektronix

Tektronix and Keithley Power

The Tektronix line of Keithley products spans an extensive range of electrical test instruments and systems used for high-performance production testing, process monitoring, product development, and research -- here you will find all of the application information for your measurement needs.

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Arthur Hartsuiker (The Netherlands)

Arthur Hartsuiker

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Arthur Hartsuiker (The Netherlands)

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