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Data Acquisition
VTI Instruments

New from VTI

• 16-channels with 24-bit ADC per channel
• Typical accuracies of 0.25 °C
• 500 V channel-ground isolation and 1000 V channel-channel isolation
• 20 kSa/second/channel sample rate
• Power over Ethernet (POE+) or 10–50 V DC input
• Full-featured embedded web interface
• LXI Ethernet interface
• 8-bit bank isolated digital I/O
• Compact 1U half-rack form factor

DataTaker new series 2

New from DataTaker
Series 4 dataloggers

• Built in Wi-Fi Support available on several models
• Increased Sampling speed 40Hz
• Increased measurement range
          - Voltage Measurement range +/- 50V
          - Resistance Measurement 10K- 1 MΩ
          - Frequency Measurement Range 10 kHz -0.45 MHz
• Programmable Analogue outputs 16bit
          - Voltage 0-10V
          - Current 0-20mA & 4-20mA
• New dEX software - Stand-alone windows app
          - Off-line configuration editor
          - Logger network
          - Off-line charts
• Built in Modem with new included determined™ feature, available on
  several models 
          - Actively reconnecting when connection drops
          - No data lost, and still send when reconnected
          - Best network availability

Delphin Expert Vibro

Vibration Monitoring and Analysis in one compact design
Delphin Expert Vibro

Expert Vibro is the device for acquiring transient signals and vibrations. The latest processor technology, based on powerful FPGAs, enables up to 16 synchronous channels to be processed at sampling rates to 50 kHz per channel while requiring minimal space. 24-Bit A/D converters ensure high precision.

• 8 / 16 synchronous analog inputs, 50 kHz sampling rate per channel
• Up to 14 GB data logger memory
• 4 digital inputs for frequency measurement; 8 digital outputs
• 4 analog outputs for monitoring

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Stefaan Buelens

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