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C.N.Rood expands it's RF Spectrum Analyzer range with new products from Tektronix, Narda and Deviser

Wireless communication is growing fast and with IoT (internet of Interference) but also car smart driving, Upcoming 5G: the challenges are increasing to get all these technologies co-existing in the RF spectrum. Spectrum measurements and spectrum monitoring are fundamental measurements to test, validate and solve RF issues.

USB spectrum analyzer

The Tektronix RSA306B USB spectrum analyzer might be small but it packs a big punch. Perfect for everyday tasks.

Powered by USB
Frequency range : 9kHz - 6.2GHz
Capture bandwidth : 40 MHz
Dynamic range : -160 dBm to +20 dBm


Tektronix RSA500/600 series

Tektronix RSA500/600 series Real Time Spectrum Analyzers, ideal for your job on the field (RSA500) and for the lab (RSA600).

Battery powered (RSA500)
Frequency range : 9 kHz - 3GHz and 9KHz - 7.5 GHz
Optional Tracking generator
Capture bandwidth : 40 MHz
Dynamic range : -160 dBm to +20 dBm


Deviser E8600B Spectrum & Signal Analyzer

A lightweight, handheld instrument designed specifically for wireless communications field engineers and technicians. Verify RF Transmission, identify and locate signal interference:

Frequency range : 9 kHz – 6.0 GHz
Dynamic Range : >100 dB
Maximum Safe Input +30dBm (peak power, input
  attenuation > 15dB), 50VDC

Deviser E8600B

NARDA SIGNAL SHARK Real Time Handheld Analyzer

The Signal Shark is a Signal Analyzer for Detection, Analysis, Classification and Localization of RF Signals. Applicable for mobile and stationary use.

Frequency range : 9 kHz to 8 GHz
40 MHz Real-Time instantaneous bandwidth
Captures the spectrum of even very short pulsed signals
  of 3.125 μs with a POI of 100%

Narda signal shark

Tektronix RSA5000B Real Time Spectrum Analyzer
Lab real time spectrum analyzer family

Visualize and characterize devices and components with precision and accuracy using the powerful, industry leading RSA5000B Real Time Spectrum Analyzer. This advanced spectrum analyzer makes high performance and sensitivity measurements for spurious signals much faster than other spectrum analyzers, so you can conduct conventional measurements and troubleshoot quickly, accurately and successfully.

Frequency range : 1 Hz up to 26.5 GHz
Minimum Event Duration for 100% POI : 0.434 μs


Tektronix RSA7100 wideband signal analyzer

The RSA7100A wideband signal analyzer offers real-time spectrum analysis up to 800 MHz real time bandwidth and streaming storage of up to 2 hours of seamless data at full bandwidth in one solution.

16 kHz to 14/26.5 GHz frequency range covers a broad 
  range of analysis needs.
Streaming capture to internal RAID of up to 2 hours at
  full 800 MHz bandwidth enables environment recording
  and analysis of long event sequences
Real-Time Bandwidth : 320/800 MHz
Minimum Event Duration for 100% POI : 700 ns


Feel free to visit the website from C.N.Rood and our suppliers Tektronix, DEVISER and NARDA STS. Of course we are available for a personal call or visit so don’t hesitate to contact us.

Bart Maes

Bart Maes

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