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C.N. Rood is known for its wide portfolio of measurement solutions from brands like Tektronix, Keithley, etc. But, in order to measure electrical signals, the device or material has to be contacted. For this purpose, solutions are available in four areas providing contacts between test equipment and the device or material under test:

Circuit probing
Microelectronic Structures

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Manual Probing Solutions from Everbeing

Everybeing provides manual probe stations to contact materials, structures or devices, whether it is a semiconductor, or organic material, an LED, Intergrated circuit, ChemFet or Bio structure.

NEW: C-2 Portable Probestation, only 320mm x 320mm

Besides full probestations, Everbeing can deliver accessories like microscopes, DC/AC and RF micropositioners, Hot Chuck, Shielding Box etc.

C-2 Portable Probestation, only 320mm x 320mm

C-2 Datasheet Full Portfolio Brochure

Semi-automated and Full Automated Probe Stations by Wentworth Laboratories

Need to automate measurements on wafer or substrate, Wentworth Laboratories delivers solutions for testing one single wafer /substrate up to a full cassette.

Semi-automated and Full Automated Probe Stations by Wentworth Laboratories

An award winning wafer test industry innovator, Wentworth is skilled in delivering wafer probers and cantilever probe card solutions that enable our customers to maximize productivity and reduce cost.

More information on Wentworth

Table Top Handler from Chroma

For testing small quantities of IC’s or devices in a design stage or low volume production, Chroma has developed an Handler which fits on a table.

Table Top Handler from Chroma

Up to two JEDEC trades with devices can be loaded.

Each individual device is picked up by the handler, turned in the right orientation and transported and positioned in a test socket.

Watch Video Table Top Handler 3111

Probing Solutions from Tektronix
Find the right Probe for your application with Tektronix Probeselector

Probing Solutions from Tektronix

Choose a measurement and/or instrument to see recommended probes. Looking for probe compatibility? Or choose a measurement first.

It's all in the probe selector.

Probe Selector

Test Solutions + Probing / Handling Solution = Total Solutions

Probing Solutions from Tektronix

With Keithley SourceMeters and Switching Systems, we can deliver complete solutions.
More than 40 years of experience is available at C.N.ROOD in configuring complete solutions.
Contact us to discuss your application.

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