C.N.Rood at the Embedded Conference Scandinavia 2017
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At Embedded Conference Scandinavia all of the latest and hottest technologies in the embedded sector will be presented and discussed. The most up-to-date research will be featured along with user experiences and future requirements.

To ensure a high quality and well balanced conference program it is developed by a committee consisting of experienced embedded professionals from both industrial and academic sectors.

C.N.Rood at the embedded conference
At the embedded conference C.N.Rood will show several new products among which:

Tektronix MDO4000C. Interested in Synronized TIME & FREQUENCY DOMAIN MEASUREMENTS - Please come and see what the Tektronix MDO4000C can offer.

We will also exhibit the NEW 5 series MSO oscilloscope from Tektronix with
features such as:

   • Up to 8 channels
   Up to 64 digital channels
   Up to 2 GHz bandwidth
   Capture rate 500.000 waveforms per second
   Touch screen

Tektronix 5 Series
Info MDO4000C
Info 5 Series
Promotion MDO4000C
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Need a USB oscilloscope – come and talk to us about what we can offer from PicoScope

Info PicoScope
PicoScope USB scopes
Tektronix USB Spectrum Analyzers

Detectus develops, produces and sell EMC-systems via distributors around the world. Benelux wise C.N. Rood is the appointed partner for Detectus.

Detectus focuses on EMC-scanners for the electronic industry and are leading within that field. The goal being to offer a fast and efficient solution to search for emissions sources on a test object.

                  Detectus EMC Scanners
           "SEE IT BEFORE YOU CE IT"

For Benelux and in cooperation with Detectus C.N. Rood can offer the Tektronix RSA306 Real Time Spectrum analyzer in combination with Detectus EMC-scanners.

USB-real time spectrum analyzers such as RSA306B, RSA500 and/or RSA600 are the perfect solution in combination with the EMC scanners. USB RSA-series products are small, silent and very competitive in price and performance.

Info USB RSA series Info Detectus

Need more information on our test- & measurement solutions? Please don't hesitate to contact our specialist team in Sweden.

Jürgen Sedlacek

Jürgen Sedlacek

cell phone 072.533.01.00


Samuel Bondeson

Samuel Bondeson

cell phone 070.315.90.99


Stockholm office: 085 250 28 40

C.N.Rood at the Embedded Conference Scandinavia 2017
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