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C.N.Rood Group - Distributor of test and measurement solutions in the Benelux and Nordics
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The 12th international Automotive Congress brings together anyone involved in Automotive from supplier, OEM, test and knowledge institutes, to share knowledge and to get inspired. Themes this year include Smart & Green, Manufacturing & Logistics, and Materials & Design.

C.N. Rood will be present as exhibitor, and on our booth we will present solutions fitting the themes of this event from manufacturers including:

"The Automotive Congress has over the last years proven to be the most important happening on the Dutch automotive technology calendar"

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  • CAN Bus Troubleshooting
  • Automotive Ethernet Testing
  • SENT Sensor Bus Troubleshooting
  • FlexRay Automotive buses
Video on SENT
Bus Decode
  • Car Audio Testing
  • Bluetooth
  • A2B Measurements
SENT Bus app note
  • GPS testing
  • GPS/GNSS satellite simulator
  • Scenario-based
  • RF Signal simulator
GPS/GNSS Testing in
  • Battery Testers
  • Charger Station Testers
  • AC Charging Testers
Electric Vehicle
Test Solutions
  • GPS speedometer
  • Fuel Measurement
  • Engine Tachometer
Automotive Solutions
Fuel - Speed - Noise
  • Crash tests
  • Airbag tests, Roof top test
  • Seatbelt tests
High Speed Imaging
in Automotive

Industrial Dataloggers for complex measuring, control, and monitoring in service-life testing, environmen-tal simulation and long-term measurements

  • ECU Testing
  • Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) simulation
  • Sensor and Strain Gauge Emulation
  • Environmental Testing
  • RF and Microwave
  • Signal Conditioning
  • Electric Vehicle Battery Management Systems Test
  • Automotive Load Management 
Automotive Solutions
  • HIL – Hardware in the Loop
  • ECU stimulation, response measurement/analysis
  • CAN, LIN, SENT, PSI5, CAN-FD, Analog and digital
  • ECU, Sensor, Actuator and Device tests
Real-Time systems

Need more information on our automotive test- & measurement solutions? Please don't hesitate to contact our specialist team.

Bert Broekhuizen
Data Acquisition, Switching
and Simulation

Bert Broekhuizen
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Arthur Hartsuiker
General Test- and

Arthur Hartsuiker
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Sven De Coster
General Test- and

Sven De Coster
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Paul Mooijman
Audio and High-Speed Video Solutions

Paul Mooijman
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C.N.Rood Group
C.N.Rood Group - 80 years


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