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Radio Test Sets Technology Seminar - by Cobham


Cobham (Aeroflex) specialists welcome you at a technical hands-on training on radio test sets on January 12th in Zellik (BE)

Register here for the free of charge hands-on test set seminar


09:00 - Welcome
09:15 - Introductions
09:30 - Overview of the ‘White Paper’ and why 
                 you need our 3920B or 8800SX test set
10:30 - Coffee break
10:45 - Functionality and typical use cases of
                 3920B and 8800SX (Demonstration of
                 manual testing)
11.45 - Questions
12.00 - Sandwich Lunch
13:00 - Demonstration of Autotest (DMR and 
13:30 - Hands on Manual test and Autotest
                 (hands-on 3550R, 8800SX, 3920B and
                  Motorola/Hytera/Kenwood radios)
15:30 - Wrap up/questions
 15:45 - End

Bring your own device

We encourage you to bring your own device. Take your test set and device under test to the hands-on seminar for live tests and experiences.

Bring your own devices

We understand this seminar is held on short notice, we hope you will be able to find some space in your busy schedule to attend this free of charge hands-on technology seminar.

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Need more info on this technology training? Please don't hesitate to contact us.

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