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Continuous testing is essential to get predictable infrastructure performance

Networks, what works today won’t necessarily work tomorrow

Continuous testing is essential to get predictable infrastructure performance

How can you test network infrastructure with JAR:Emulate?

Whether you want to emulate point to point links with latency and bandwidth throttles or simulate complex data centres with multiple gateways and interconnecting links, with JAR:Emulate you can build networks in seconds.

Why JAR:emulate?

Emulate Real World Conditions - JAR:Emulate

A flexible solution – Software and Hardware
The intuitive software’s GUI can be downloaded direct to the user’s computer. With multiple ports, the JAR:emulate hardware device can be set up to introduce impairments.

Users have full control through a ‘drag and drop’ user interface and independent emulation links can be tailored through a fully visualised process.

Any Port to Any Port. 4, 8, 24 Ports? Regardless of the number of ports needed or being used, they all communicate with each other so packets can be sent between each and any port for complete flexibility.

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Performance Testing with JAR Test Lab

Load and functionality test your web application, then monitor it, all within one platform. In JAR:TestLab you get access to two testing tools, JAR:Load and JAR:Monitor to support all your performance testing activities. You can optimise your testing time by using the same scripts, recordings, datasets and filesets across both testing tools.

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Net.Storm from Albedo is a hardware based impairments generator, equipped with double GbE ports, battery operated, fast and full-featured, can emulate the dynamics of real Ethernet / IP networks in terms of packet impairments.

Net.Storm from Albedo

Features and Benefits

World first hand-held battery operated instrument
Check the tolerance of services to QoS degradation
  and SLA
Gigabit performance
Testing IPTV / VoIP / Multiplay developments
Replication of real traffic conditions
Rack or Hand-held version


Network Design IP Applications Development
VoD, and real/time services
Approval and Acceptance Tests Troubleshooting
QoS verification in Internet-like networks ●  Protocol testing

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Would you like to receive more information on our extensive range of network test solutions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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Benny Polleunis

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Geert Bakker

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