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Aeroflex 8150 TETRA AirAnalyzer
a powerful protocol analyzer for recording, displaying, and analyzing the complex communication process at the air interface in TETRA systems.

Aeroflex 8150 TETRA AirAnalyzer

TETRA standard

Mobile networks following the TETRA standard for a basis for successful operation in the police and emergency services, airports, railways and for many other professional users. These user groups demand reliable and safe network operation at best possible radio coverage.

Analyze existing mobile radio networks

For this purpose, the RF AirAnalyzer is the perfect measuring instrument to analyze existing mobile radio networks in detail. Extensive functions allow users to quickly and easily obtain detailed results. The measurement data processed and visualized via your own laptop. The user-friendly software design and the versatile search and filter methods ensure effective working.


Versatile Application Options

The AirAnalyzer can be employed in all types of different situations:

  • Quality analysis of the air interface and services, such as MCCH call loads and call statistics
  • Analyzing the voice communication quality
  • Performing interoperability checks
  • Securing the critical communication through resource monitoring
  • Locating carrier and interference problems
  • Investigating problems during the introduction of new system technologies
  • Mobile radio coverage measurements
  • Analyzing and maintaining a PMR network
  • Verifying security feature

Test Solutions for Air Traffic Management
(Communications, & Surveillance)

MAPS™ ED137 (Radio/Telephone) Simulator
Critical Time Delay Measurement with Audio/Packet Analyzers
       PacketExpert™ (Packet Analyzer) is capable of
           generating triggers based on packet filters
       VQuad™ Probe (Audio Analyzer) is capable of delay
           measurement, generating event driven triggers
PacketScan™ - All IP Monitoring Solution
Capture and monitor live Air Traffic

       Centralized Air Traffic Network Surveillance
WAN Link Simulation

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Test Solutions for Air Traffic Management

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