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EXFO - Expertise Reaching Out - Up to 400G Testing

EXFO launches telecom industry’s most advanced and full-featured 400G test solution

The FTBx-88400NGE Power Blazer is the only solution that offers advanced testing for the full suite of new 400G technologies, including support for FlexE (Flex Ethernet), 400G Ethernet and high-speed transceiver validation.

A 400G world
The telecom industry is racing to innovate smarter and more powerful solutions that meet the needs of a 400G world, providing the industry’s most comprehensive 400G test solution to offer support for 400G technologies from in-lab innovation to testing in the field.

Portable 400G
When deployed within the FTB-4 Pro platform, the
FTBx-88400NGE Power Blazer is the most compact and only portable 400G test solution on the market.
In addition, the LTB-8 rackmount platform can accommodate two 400G modules, making it the only solution in the industry that can test up to 800G simultaneously.


  • 400G Ethernet testing capabilities based on the draft IEEE 802.3bs standard
  • FlexE (Flex Ethernet) testing capabilities with low- and highspeed Ethernet clients
  • Integrated CFP8, SFP28/56 and 4 x QSFP28 interfaces
  • Support for 25G and 50G Ethernet testing.
  • SFP28 interface to address the new 25G Ethernet signals and FC32X
  • SFP56 PAM-4 interface with support for 50G Ethernet testing
EXFO - Expertise Reaching Out
Ask for our special offers for the 1 /10G and 100G NetBlaxer V2 series solutions.

Looking for a lower rate than 400G?

The NetBlazer V2 Series is the industry’s most complete and portable 64K to 100G test solution. Optimize your field technicians tasks with simultaneous coverage of legacy and high-speed network interfaces.

  • Dual-port or quad-port testing up to 10G
  • Single port testing available up to 100G
  • iSAM: ultra-simple ITU-T Y.1564 and RFC 6349 service activation methodology
  • 10M to 100G multisession TCP testing with bidirectional RFC 6349
  • EtherSAM (Y.1564), RFC 2544, traffic generation and monitoring, EtherBER
  • Packet synchronization, including IEEE 1588v2 PTP and SyncE
  • Carrier Ethernet OAM, including ITU-T Y.1731, IEEE 802.1ag, IEEE 802.3ah link OAM
  • Fibre Channel 1x, 2x, 4x, 8x, 10x and 16x support
  • CPRI layer-2 link validation for BBU or RRH from 1.2G to 9.8G
  • Wander time error testing
  • Real-time high-resolution RF spectrum analysis over CPRI

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